Fabulous February Birthstones

Fabulous February Birthstones

Fabulous February Birthstones 

Amethyst and pearl bracelet from Fingernail Moon Design

In modern times we commonly accept that the idea of birthstones are based on biblical references to the gemstones in the breastplate of the high priest Aaron. But often historically it was the color more than the stone itself that birthstones were based on. In addition, the names of gemstones in ancient times are not always the same as what they are called today. And, of course, different cultures in different parts of the world each had their own beliefs and traditions regarding gemstones and birthstones. So clearly this can lead to some confusion as to what really is the birthstone for any given month. Lucky for you February children, then, you have not one but SIX gemstones to choose from! 

In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers decided on a particular set of gems to use as birthstones. In the 110 years plus since then, a few changes and additions have been made. But in western cultures, most people are familiar with this list. In addition to calendar months, each zodiac sign is associated with certain gemstones. In astrology, zodiac signs, known as sun signs, star signs or astrological signs, cover part of two months, beginning during the second half of the month and continuing a little more than halfway into the following month. So astrological birthstones and calendar birthstones may overlap or differ. 

The most commonly known birthstone for February is amethyst, but with astrological signs and different historical calendars, you February babies have at least five more to choose from!



Natural Fine Rich Royal Purple Amethyst - Oval - Brazil - AAA Grade - Picture 1 of 1

If you do an internet search for February birthstone, the first and possibly only gemstone that will appear is amethyst. It is crystalline quartz found in colors ranging from pale lilac to a deep reddish purple. It is a relatively hard, resistant to scratching and cracking, making it perfect for jewelry. The color purple has long been associated with royalty, and amethyst became a most popular stone among the ruling classes. Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which can bring patience, peace and balance. It enhances spirituality, intuition and psychic abilities. It promotes peacefulness and contentment, and aids healing from loss and grief. Amethyst is associated with the sixth Third Eye chakra, Ajna, the center of intuition, imagination, wisdom, and the ability to think and make decisions, and the seventh Crown chakra, Sahaswara, the chakra of enlightenment and spiritual connection to our higher selves, others, and to the divine. It is the birthstone of Pisces, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries, as well as the month of February. 



Red Jasper Sphere - 1.5 inch - The Compleat Sculptor

Also in the quartz family, jasper is often identified as red, but it actually appears in many colors and patterns. Jasper has the prestige of being the “Guardian Angel Birthstone,” possibly stemming from a long history of being worn as a talisman and protect the wearer against witchcraft and phantasms. Jasper is a protecting and nurturing stone. It provides support in times of stress, and enhances courage to deal with problems. It absorbs negative energy, brings a sense of tranquility and balances yin and yang. It stimulates the imagination. Jasper carries a strong connection to the Earth’s energy, making it a grounding and stabilizing.  


Red Garnet 

Natural Deep Vivid Red Diamond Round Loose VS2-SI1 - 1mm to 4mm S. Africa - Picture 1 of 1

Red garnet is the special apostle birth rock. Garnet is an energizing and revitalizing stone. It regenerates and stimulates the body, while purifying and balancing energy. Red garnet is a stone of commitment and love. Garnet cleanses the first Base chakra, Muladhara, which represents the foundation, stability security and basic needs, and the fourth Heart chakra, Anahata, the middle chakra that unites the physical and spiritual chakras and is the source of love and connection. 



Tumbled Serpentine - Serpentine Tumbled Stone | New Moon Beginnings

Serpentine is an ancient birthstone for February based on an early interpretation of the high priest Aaron’s breastplate. Serpentine is a relatively soft stone that can be found from a speckled light green to a deep, transluscent green that resembles and is often mistaken for jade. It is a healing stone for mental, emotional and physical issues. It attracts abundance in all aspects: prosperity, love, healing, etc. Serpentine helps clear all Chakras but is most closely aligned with the fourth Heart chakra, which unites the physical and spiritual chakras and is the source of love and connection. 



Natural Jade China Excellent Cut Loose Gemstones for sale | eBay

The astrological birthstone for Pisces is jade, so those born between February 19 and February 29 may also claim jade as their birthstone. Much of what is called jade (new jade, olive jade, Russian jade, etc.) is actually a form of serpentine, not a jade at all. True jade is one of two minerals, jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite has been a treasured stone for thousands of years. The Chinese call it "yu," which means "heavenly" or "imperial." To the Chinese, it symbolizes goodness, beauty and purity. It is so precious that a Chinese saying says that "gold is valuable but jade is priceless." While most jadeite comes from Myanmar, imperial jade has also been found in Central America and was highly prized by the Maya and the Aztecs. The name "jade" comes from the Spanish "piedra de ijada" or "stone for the pain in the side," after it was noticed that the natives held pieces of jade to their sides to cure ills. Jade is a protective and nurturing stone. It calms and balances the mind and emotions and encourages self-love. It brings harmony, good luck and friendship. Jade promotes courage, compassion and generosity. It strengthens relationships, and helps recover from loss or separation. Jade is a stone of prosperity and abundance. Jadeite stimulates the fourth Heart chakra, Anahata, the middle chakra that unites the physical and spiritual chakras and is the source of love and connection. 



And there is one more choice still...MOONSTONE! This one comes from the ancient Hindu tradition. Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It enhances intuition and strength, and promotes inspiration. It calms and soothes the emotions. Moonstone is also believed to bring good fortune. It is associated with the sixth Third Eye chakra, Ajna, also called the brow chakra, located on the forehead between the eyes, which is our ability to focus on and see the big picture, and is the center of intuition, imagination, wisdom, and the ability to think and make decisions. 

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