Collection: Hands

Our hands are often the first, or at least the second, part of us that people notice. And they are definitely the part of our own bodies that we see the most. Rings take on an extra level of significance in the statement of our story. Do you like the massive statement rings? Giant chunks of turquoise or fanciful twists of silver or gold that cover half of your finger? Or do you prefer dainty rings? Thin wisps of silver wire, maybe tiny bits of gemstones, sometimes stacking two or three? Our rings tell people much about us. And wearing artisan rings speaks volumes. Artisan rings are hand crafted by skilled craftsmen with great attention to detail using high quality materials. They express the craftmanship of the artisan and the unique style and individuality of the wearer. Make your statement, tell your story with a beautiful, unique, handmade work of art for your hand.